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Thumbtacks are what hold ideas together on a designer/artist’s note board. For some reason when I am venturing into a new body of work, nowadays that includes building a menu or just gathering ideas about food, I need a space to just let ideas hang out and be visible.

Thumbtacks are really the only tool that allows you to do this easily and affordably. Think about it, you get a cork board and some thumbtacks. Thumbtacks are really the only tool; tape isn’t reusable like a thumbtack, post-it notes fall off too easily, and staples are plain annoying. These simple little items with which you simply apply pressure with your thumb to tack something into place. It’s the most unpretentious of ways to stitch an idea together.

I dunno, with the world becoming more and more digital I appreciate the fact that I can grab a thumbtack and poke my finger to know that I am still in the analog.

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