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What Makes You Laugh??

What Makes You Laugh

This is the current topic of #letsblogoff. This being my first blog off I’ll try and make it a good one.

These are some of the things that make me laugh….

    Katz doing stupid stuff
    People falling on ice
    Dude’s getting hit in the Jewelz
    Drunk people
    People who take themselves too seriously
    Odd pairings of things
    Giant leaps of logic
    Much more that I just can’t think of right now

These are all items from my life that I have experienced at one point in time or another. I try and find humor in these items when they occur in an absurdity. When things are on the brink of tragedy/absurdity, when events line up so improbably that you have to laugh at it otherwise there would be no other meaning for it to happen.

Life affords us these moments if we are willing to see them and laugh at them. Laughing for me is a group activity, it is what can bring random people together and lighten the mood. We laugh at things because we have experienced it and through that it becomes a common experience that is relatable with others.

I tend also to laugh at myself a lot. Admittedly, I am not the most elegant person. I am neurotic about things somethings most of the time and when my friends make fun of me for that it reminds me not to take myself too seriously.

What makes me laugh is life. Life needs to be light hearted otherwise we get too focused on goals and tasks and forget that there is a journey. Laughing at life reminds me to pay attention to the details and the roses around me. Sorry if I got off topic a little bit, hope you enjoyed reading.

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