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Community Easter egg hunt for the new generation….

The new Easter egg

I had a show in late November, in which, I made around 170 porcelain bottles and aligned them like the picture above. I haven’t known what to do with them, right now they are just sitting in boxes with no one appreciating them. A few days ago I came up with and idea!!!!

This idea you say, hmmm. Well this Sunday (tomorrow) is Easter, and as a child hunting for the Easter eggs was always a fun challenge with a candy reward. I thought of an adult version of this, that would involve some of this new web stuff.

So here is the challenge to everyone. If you are in Oxford, OH this Sunday then be on the look out for these little porcelain soldiers, and if you find them take a picture and tag the bottle as christian mclean, if you are using facebook, or if you twitpic use @chirn9980.

I guess the end goal for this is to bring back some of that childhood fun and discovery. Remember playing in that cardboard box for hours?? Well, just trying to bring some fun and levity to this world.

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