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Some stuff from the closet
Cubes Float Record from christian mclean on Vimeo

Ok, so I admit that this is kinda old but looking back it is an important piece for me, not only in a technical sense, because it allowed me to think about why and how I build art (digitally/ceramically).

What this piece does is takes two recordings, one is a short but violent crash the other a long conversation, and condenses or expands them into the same time period. Using each block as a representation of a pitch in the separate recordings, I created two planes and then advanced them towards each other to create a dialogue between the recordings. How successful it is I am not sure, but it was fun and challenging. At this point I really started to look at my work as modular, and the connecting/interrupting of these modules as a way to develop content.

Throughout this project I was able to get Processing and MySQL to talk to each other. I was also able to turn audio into data in a MySQL table.

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