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Well the Michigan and flordia delegate are being counted.

If its one thing I’ve learned is that in this country if you bitch and moan enough you will eventually get your way. If Hillary would have been leading in the delegate count I doubt she would have made such a big deal about these delegate votes. As it stands she needs these votes to even be competitive in the run for office.

Another thing is the simple fact that nobody plays by the rules ne more. Its always changing the rules for the benefit of the individual. Its like we are a nation of 5 year olds playing in the back yard. For me, when I step into a situation I understand that there are guidlines set for how to act, respond , and generally conduct myself. I know when I don’t live up to those expectations I shouldn’t deserve better than what I get. In many of my classes in college, there are many times where a teacher will back down from giving out an assignment when the class whines about it, instead of stepping up to the challenge and tackling it head on.  If this decision say nothing else it day that as long as you complain enough you will get your way, because apparently this country has lost what it means to play by the rules.

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