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Vitamain D will rot your brain

Ok, the title is a little harsh but that’s pretty much what I thought about this article when I read it. It starts out with broad assumptions/generalizations, and especially in this postmodern time that we are in creating those type of generalizations are more often than not WRONG.

What this article did do was open up the idea of drawing to include are more diverse definition of drawing. Instead of defining drawing as a skill the article was talking about how drawing was a state of being/finding where you are in the universe. This little pearl of wisdom became interesting because it removed drawing from a rigorous process of paper and drawing utensil. It allows an idea to take precedence over the specific process.

When we limit ourselves to living by rigorous rules of process within a certain discipline we lose the ability to see the forest from the trees. Experimentation and disregard for the modernist interpretations of materials and processes is where we are at, and drawing helped us get there. Because without the ability to draw, again when I say draw I am not referring to pencil/charcoal/ink and paper but a broader sense of using tools to figure out where a specific person is in the universe, we would have never arrived at many of the destinations we are at now. I doubt even this blog.


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